A perk of being a manager at Stile is being able to partake in all the incredible team events we do. Candice and Alleigh (our CEO and Director of Stores/Buyer) do an amazing job at planning management workshops to help build our team stronger, cultivate our community, and learn new skills that each of us can bring back to our Stile location. I always look forward to getting together with the managers from Suburban Square, Media, and Newtown Square and learning and growing together!

C A M P  S T I L E

This past weekend our management team headed up to Lake Harmony for our first ever overnight team workshop. We spent three days bonding and enjoying each others' company in the most beautiful setting, while also training and learning. Below, I'll recap our three days at Camp Stile:


 G A M E  N I G H T

When we arrived at Camp Stile Sunday night, Candice and our upper management team had decorated the house so cute. They laid out our itinerary with our names and the CUTEST sweatshirts - shout out to Alleigh and her cricut skills! We enjoyed tacos and had a little too much fun playing games like never have I ever, heads up, and two truths and a lie.


NIna's first crush was Aladdin. Although Candice owns many clothing stores, she hates shopping. Tori has never been asked to babysit and cannot skip. Reannoin has a pet bunny named Honey. Maddie and myself discovered we were on the same school bus for 15 years without knowing it. Tyler was a kid model for the Children's Place and Gap until she was 10. Alleigh really went to school for teaching. Kelly has ridden a motorcycle. Allison (myself hehe) has painted nude models in professional art classes since she was 16.

S T I L E  G O E S  H I K I N G

On day two, we woke up to the most beautiful day imaginable. We ate a delicious breakfast (yummy quiche, parfait and bacon made by Alleigh and Candice!) and headed out for a hike to start our day. We found this beautiful walkway on the side of Lake Harmony and of course we had to set up Reannoin's camera for some insta pics.

W O R K S H O P  D A Y

After our morning hike, Kim Pagano, our sales consultant, joined us for our workshop day. We sat around the table and talked about the leadership, community in each of our locations, and more. At Stile, our core values are to empower, inspire, and share community at all of our locations. At our workshop, we discussed ways to expand and touch the lives of everyone in the community around us. Kim, Candice, Alleigh and all of our management always have fantastic, innovative ways to improve our stores. There is nothing more empowering than sitting around a table with a group of smart women and sharing our plans for the future.

D I Y  P I Z Z A  N I G H T

Our Creative Director, Reannoin, is so adorable and set up our very own DIY pizza night at the lake house. She brought her pizza oven from home, and the 10 of us sat around the table, kneeding our dough and spreading our pizza toppings. She really made it so much fun and it was absolutely delicious!

 S M O R E S & S T O R Y  S H A R I N G

We ended the relaxing trip with some s'mores and laughs by the campfire. From gossiping about pop culture and Adam Levine's cheating scandal, to hearing about Candice's daughters' first crush. We realized that while all 10 of us come from different paths and different walks of life, we get along so well and are so thankful to have each other in this amazing company.

All in all, we all had the best retreat in Lake Harmony and we cannot wait for our next one! There are so many good things to come in the future at Stile!