Store Manager

P O S I T I O N   O V E R V I E W: 

The Store Manager has responsibility to ensure Stylists are well-trained, motivated, and engaged in an effort to maintain and grow a book of clients and hit weekly/monthly sales goals. They create an exceptional in-store experience, build relationships with clients, and generate sales by bringing clientele back into the store through the implementation and execution of store events, promotions, loyalty programs, and personalized client phone calls / One Shop messages. 

Duties/expectations include, but are not limited to: 

  • Commits to delivering an optimistic, high energy, and team-oriented store atmosphere. 
  • Provides team support by helping to complete tasks, sharing knowledge, or assisting in client interactions. 
  • Understands that clients are the number one priority, but makes time to maintain a clean, organized, and neat sales floor / fitting room(s) to ensure the environment is presentable for clients. 
  • Completes the Daily Tasks List designated for every shift in the Google Drive. Ensures that all daily tasks have been fulfilled and accounted for through the use of the Daily Tasks Google Doc. 
  • Maintains the integrity of inventory by effectively and efficiently handling all merchandise. 
  • Integrates new inventory into current store displays, keeping the color stories consistent and racks / tables / shelves looking visually pleasing. 
  • Maintains and trains the team to show competence and confidence inn their day-to-day duties. 
  • Maintains weekly merchandising and window display updates. Ensures that window displays and other merchandising has been changed weekly with the assistance of Stylists and meets the guidelines made by the Creative Director. 
  • Updates the Individual Sales Plan Doc and meets regularly with Stylists to review sales and discuss individual plans. 
  • Meets or exceeds individual sales plan each month to ensure personal share of the month's goal is sold. 
  • Creates monthly schedules that maintain the budget of the store. 
  • Maintains expected sales floor coverage in event of team no-shows or scheduling conflicts. 
  • Must be available to work retail hours including weekends, store events, and holiday weekends. 
  • Maintains a high level of punctuality at all times. 
  • Fully understands and implements Stile by Pr Lei's policies and procedures. 
  • Proactively resolves client concerns in a manner consistent with Stile by Per Lei's policies, keeping client satisfaction in mind. 
  • Manages and communicates employee discount. Ensures that the team is not purchasing merchandise that has been on the floor less than two weeks at discount. 
  • Ensures all transfers, online orders, and over-the-phone orders are fulfilled, properly packaged, and shipped in a timely manner. 
  • Maintains accuracy of receipt issues and rep completes sales to keep the inventory correct when necessary. 
  • Makes bank deposits and records them in the Deposits Google Doc daily. 
  • Ensures that inventory of supplies have been taken weekly utilizing the Stile Weekly Supplies Form. 
  • Utilizes personal Productivity Spreadsheet in the Google Drive to keep up with daily, weekly, and monthly tasks and open issues. 
  • Creates an exceptional in-store experience by greeting clients, informing them of current sales / promotions, and assisting them as needed. 
  • Directs clients by scoring them to racks and counters; suggesting different styles of potential interest and incorporating latest trends / current promotions based on the client's individual style. 
  • Provides the client with product knowledge to enhance engagement and maximize sales. 
  • Helps clients make selections by building confidence & offering suggestions / opinions. 
  • Builds and cultivates effective relationships with clients. 
  • Accurately performs register sales transactions in a timely manner while following procedures in the Operations Binder. 
  • Documents sales by creating or updating profile records. 
  • Develops a book of clients and contacts them daily using the One Shop app / personal phone calls. Ensures that Stylists are also contacting clients each shift. 
  • Updates the sales goal whiteboard and communicates current sales plans / push categories to the team. 
  • Motivates Stylists to exceed individual sales plans.
  • Generates, monitors, and facilitates monthly sales contests. 
  • Maintains the accuracy of ex-adjustments (damages, charitable donations, etc.
  • Uploads photos of new arrivals and try ons to Photo Circle weekly to be used for social media posts. 
  • Creates designated social media content for the Creative Director when scheduled on the Social Calendar Doc. 
  • Assists in the planning and implementation of store events. 

Q U A L I F I C A T I O N S: 

  • Retail experience is required
  • Prior management or leadership experience is required
  • Sufficient fashion credibility to sell merchandise to clients
  • Initiative & ability to create a book of repeat clients 
  • Motivation & drive to exceed monthly sales plans
  • Strong leadership skills and the ability to manage a team effectively 
  • Commitment to lead the team to operate the store following company guidelines & procedures
  • Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written
  • High level of organization and attention to detail
  • Ability to prioritize tasks and manage time effectively in a fast-paced environment 
  • Excellent customer service skills and the ability to handle customer complaints effectively 
  • Knowledge of business operations and financial management 
  • Problem-solving skills and the ability to think creatively / find solutions
  • Strong decision making abilities
  • Ability to handle multiple tasks under pressure
  • Proficiency with technology (POS system, Google Drive, client outreach app, excel spreadsheets, etc.)

T O    A P P L Y: 

Email your resume and desired Stile by Per Lei location to