As we all know, fashion trends come and go in and out of style. It is said that every 20-30 years, the same fashion trends resurface with a modern twist. I wanted to focus on fashion trends from the 70's, 80's, and 90's that are coming back today and how to style them.

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Background: From tops to dresses to accessories, crochet was used in a wide variety in the 70s. Although the crochet you might see today is more neutral, in the 70s it was all about color in various patterns and textures.
How to Style it
  1. Wear it as a layering piece ─You can style crochet over a dress, tank top, or bralette. This gives you that extra layer of warmth on a chilly summer evening without committing to a thicker button down or shacket. 
  2. Style it as a bathing suit cover up ─ For bottoms, throw on comfy shorts, denim shorts, flowy pants, jeans, or any style skirt. Easy for the beach and pool. This will keep you covered, but still is breathable enough over your bathing suit. 
  3. Matching sets ─ Crochet sets are popular and easy to style, the set does all the work for you. Who doesn’t love a matching set for easy summer/vacation looks? Add a cute wedge or sandal and call it a day!


Background: Belts were influenced by a combination of eras, DIY culture, and body accentuation trends. Ranging from thick corset-type belts that only wrap around your waist to simple belts that you can slip right through your belt loops. 
How to Style it: 
  1. Pair it with a mini or midi slip dress to give more shape, placing it right on your waist. This is a clean and classy look. 
  2. If you have an oversized button down, this is a more creative way to style a belt. Button the shirt all the way up to your preference, add the belt around your waist to extenuate your figure. Add biker shorts or a mini skirt for coverage without taking away from the look.
  3. If you own low rise jeans, this is a perfect opportunity to snag yourself a unique statement belt and make that the focus point of your whole outfit. Loop the belt through the loops and wear it right on your hips. Throw on a basic tank or t-shirt as well as cool boots or wedges and the outfit is instantly elevated.  


Background: Another 70's staple, platform shoes have made their way back into the fashion world. They add a unique flare to any outfit as well as adding height without the commitment and discomfort of a heel. They were mostly worn in a casual setting in the 70s.
How to Style it: 
  1. Casual everyday outfit ─ Need an easy but still stylish shoe for everyday use? Platform sneakers and sandals are the perfect addition to your classic legging and t-shirt or jeans and tank top outfits. 
  2. Full length jeans or pants ─ Struggling with full length pants being a little too long? No problem! Platform shoes are the answer you have been waiting for. As well as comfortability, platform shoes add 1-2 inches of height. You don’t have to commit to a heel or wedge.
  3. Elevating platform shoes ─ As much as you can wear these casually, you can also wear them with a dressier outfit. A cute pair of platform fashion sneakers with a midi dress and fun accessories is a very easy way to style them for a nicer event, dinner, or attending a party.

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Background: Because of its casual and relaxed aesthetic, denim on denim can create the perfect cohesive, stylish look. The Canadian Tuxedo was influenced by the hippie movement while also tying in western trends. 
How to Style it: 
  1. Matching set ─ This makes things easier on you if you are trying to match the washes exactly. These days, there are so many different kinds of sets you can purchase. Denim skirt and denim tube top, denim shorts with denim vest top, regular denim with a fun denim tank top.
  2. Mix and match the denim washes ─ This is a great way to utilize what’s already in your closet. Take any pair of regular denim, denim shorts, or denim skirt, add a basic white t-shirt or a graphic t-shirt for some color, and throw on a black denim jacket or regular denim jacket. I personally like to mix match my canadian tuxedos to add some depth to the outfit. 
  3. Denim dress or romper with denim boots ─ Believe it or not, denim dresses and rompers have been huge this summer. Along with denim boots and heels. There is just something about how flattering denim dresses and rompers can be, as well as comfortable. Adding the matching denim shoe with the dress or romper can add a really fun twist to your outfit. This is definitely more of a unique way to style denim on denim.


Background: Pointed toe kitten heels were styled to reflect the bold and eclectic trends of the 80s. They were the perfect mix of sophistication and femininity. 
How to Style it:
  1. A special occasion ─ The beauty of a kitten heel in general is they are way more comfortable than your typical pump. I would consider kitten heels the new “it” shoe for weddings. 
  2. With jeans to elevate the look ─ Wearing a pointed toe kitten heel with a pair of full length flare jeans is a statement in itself. This outfit could go a more professional-chic direction with an oversized blazer over a fitted tank. Or a night time dinner then drinks outfit with a crop top. 
  3. Be creative and pair them with linen pants or joggers ─ I would consider this more street style. This look can be more casual with a graphic t-shirt, while still being dressy enough to wear on a night out with a crop top.


Background: Chunky accessories were essential in the 80s. It was all about making a statement. Embracing creativity and individuality, the large accessory trend reached many women allowing them to express creativity through different styles and colors.
How to Style it: 
  1. Use the earring as the main focus ─ Large and thick hoops have been making a huge comeback. They are fun to style because you can have on a simple pair of jean shorts with a white baby tee and cowboy boots, throw on the large hoops, and it adds another level to your outfit. This is where I always say, statement jewelry is an easy way to instantly elevate your look without even trying.
  2. Statement bangle bracelets ─ This trend is one of my favorites, along with the statement earrings. Mixing metals when it comes to thick bangles, is a very common thing to do. This helps coordinating metals with your staple everyday pieces. Thicker bangles typically wouldn’t be worn with a dressier dress, but instead with a solid body con midi dress and strappy sandals. 
  3. Why wear 1/2 options when you can wear 2/2 options? ─ If you like to have fun with accessories then this styling option is for you. Chunky jewelry paired with more chunky jewelry is the perfect statement in itself. Your outfit can be jeans and a graphic t-shirt with a boot or wedge, throw on the statement jewelry, and you’re done. My personal favorite is layering gold statement necklaces over something as simple as a white tee or tank.

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Background: With this era experiencing a lot of trends, the baby tee’s were one of the more popular styles. Offering comfort and self expression with the graphic styles, the baby tee was a classic staple for the wardrobe.
How to Style it: 
  1. Underrated ways to style baby tees ─ Low Rise maxi skirts paired with baby tees is a huge trend right now. This dresses up the tee if you add a wedge or strappy heel. Another fun way to style this outfit would be to add a hat and fashion sneaker to make it more casual. 
  2. Casual with jeans and running sneakers ─Any kind of denim with a baby tee is a very classic way to wear them. Put on a baseball cap, cardigan, and cute running sneaker for your everyday errands look. 
  3. Baby tees and cargo pants ─ For another street style look, baby tees can be paired with cargo pants and a sporty sneaker. This outfit can be elevated with unique jewelry or other accessories.


Background: The 90s was all about celebrating youthfulness in clothing. The goal was to showcase the body more, heightening body confidence. Low rise pants represented the departure from the more conservative styles of the past.  
How to Style it:
  1. Crop tops ─ Specifically crop tops that come right below the belly button, not way above, unless you prefer super cropped. This is a perfect way to show some skin without showing too much. This look is cute with a heeled bootie. It’s a great day to night look as well as this outfit can transition into the fall with an oversized shacket. 
  2. Oversized button down or tunic tops ─ Another way to style low rise pants is to throw on an over sized, longer top or button down. Unbutton the oxford shirt slightly on the bottom, and tuck one side in to create a clean look. Finish it off with a fashion sneaker in the fall or espadrille in the summer. Tunic tops are another way to style a longer shirt over low rise pants. If your style is more bohemian this look would be perfect for you.


Background: Being a 90s staple, mini skirts came in a wide variety of patterns, fabrics, and lengths. Each style was inspired by movements and trends throughout that decade. 
How to Style it:
  1. Dress mini skirts up ─ Mini skirts with blouses or flowy tops can dress up the outfit. Especially if you add a strappy heel or wedge in the mix. 
  2. Cargo mini skirt ─ Cargo mini skirts are a fun twist on a mini skirt. These are perfect to pair with a graphic tee and a fashion sneaker or knee high boot. 
  3. Athletic/spandex mini skirts ─ Nothing’s better than a cute workout outfit. Athletic skirts with tennis shoes and a white t-shirt is a classic way to put together a cute workout outfit. To spice things up, workout sets with a skirt are an idea. Set’s make everyone's lives easier. 
Working in retail, we are constantly seeing old trends come back, so styling them with a modern twist is always a fun project for me!