So here is how it all happened…

We planned a trip to go visit Connor’s (my now fiancés) family in South Carolina. Myself, Connor, his brother and sister law all went down to visit over Mother’s Day weekend! Connor and I always make it a point to go to Charleston when we go to SC. It’s about 1 1/2 hours away from his family’s house which makes it the perfect road trip! We just love all the food, colors, charm and history of the town! It has become a very special place for us. So when I found out we were all taking a day trip to Charleston the juices started flowing. I had an idea that it may be “the time” but I never like to get ahead of myself. Lucky for me I had a whole team at work convincing me it was definitely going to happen, which in turn made me more sure that it was going to happen. And if it didn’t, Stile Media was going to be upset. It was the talk of the town for weeks.
If you know me you know I DO NOT LIKE surprises- big ones, little ones, and anything in between. If I am not in the know I don’t like it. So for someone who doesn’t like surprises this was hard to wrap my head around. I was assured when the big day was to happen I would be surprised( que the anxiety). I’m not going to lie, I tried to figure out what was going to happen- and I came pretty close, but dang I was surprised!!! I set Connor with a set of guidelines he had to follow for the big day! I know I’m a little crazy, but I wanted to look back on the day and moment and feel good about how I looked and felt! So of course number one on the list was  I had to have a killer outfit but we will get to that soon!! 

How it all went down: 

We got down on a Thursday and were planning on going to Charleston on Saturday! This was perfect because it gave me two days to turn my ghostly pale self into a nice bronzed( a smidge burnt) color! Connor had a whole plan set up: his brother and sister in law made up an excuse for why they were going to leave for Charleston earlier than us. Clue 1 I did not fully pick up on. We went down with his parents shortly after. This gave his brother and sister in law enough time to set up the proposal site. When we arrived in Charleston we took a walk by the water, and obviously visited the infamous pineapple fountain! We were waiting for the “ok” to meet up with his family. When we had the time we took a much longer way than I remembered (clue #2) to meet up with his brother at Battery Park. We got to see the infamous Rainbow Row and some of the beautiful houses that the town had to offer. I’m not going to lie, I had butterflies in my stomach the whole time because at any point it could be “the moment”. We made our way to Battery park and in the distance I saw the beautiful gazebo that sits in the center of the park. As we get closer I see big letters “YES” spelled out in balloons. Now again, I am not one to get ahead of myself- but I did have a “hmm” could this be it? Next thing I know, Connor is leading me up the steps and onto the gazebo- and I just blacked out from here lol. Well, I saw all these people gather around me-which  another thing I don’t like is being the center of attention. I let it slide for this though. So we are up there and he is talking to me, I am completely overwhelmed. I see out of the corner of my eye a familiar face taking pictures, and realize he flew down my best friend from home( shout out to Ciara). I lost it at that point. I'm crying, fanning myself off and I don’t remember a word Connor said to me besides “will you marry me”. Obviously I said “yes”. I was NOT planning on being that emotional, but it was just such a special moment,and another surprise was added in so it all went out the door. My family was on FaceTime so I was able to see them and talk to them right after as well! 

Now let’s get into the fun stuff: OUTFITS

One thing about Charleston is it is known for its fashion and “Southern charm” which is shown from the amazing King Street where all the best shopping is. The town has a lot of charm to it already but everyone also dresses up while in Charleston. This left me in a predicament. I had a feeling I was getting engaged, and I was going to be in Charleston so I knew I needed the PERFECT outfit. I had always envisioned wearing the “Floral Eyelet Layered Strapless Dress” ever since I saw it when we were in Atlanta buying for the Spring. It was getting close to when I was leaving for the trip, and it hadn’t arrived so I came up with some backup options (that were also amazing). Luckily the dress came right in time!  I could not think of a better dress to get engaged in! It is just so beautiful with the colors, the tier/layered details, strapless and the eyelet fabric to tie everything together to make the perfect dress. 
Now if you are going for a whole weekend you need multiple outfits besides your one WOW dress or outfit. I have listed a few of my favorite other pieces for a perfect Charleston weekend!!
1. Floral Belted Romper- Perfect for a girls night out or for walking king street. Throw on a pair of sneakers for the day, and switch into a nice heel to hit the town at night.
2. Puff Sleeve Floral Dress- The colors just screamed spring and fun so this is definitely another good option. Comfortable and can be dressed up or dressed down. Perfect for a dinner on the water or sightseeing.
3. Eyelet Ruffle Tank- If you are more of a denim and top gal then the eyelet ruffle tank and a pair of just black denim is a great option! You will be comfortable and chic! Our denim is the best for any occasion but especially if you are going to enjoy the delicious food Charleston has to offer because the styles are all so stretchy and soft! My current go to pair is the high rise crop flare! 
4. Flowy Gingham Maxi- If you aren’t into the color but still want to look stylish and cool the flowy gingham maxi is a great option. It is so light and breathable for the warm weather and you can dress it up or down! I would add a cute pair of slide sandals and a fun pair of earrings with it. You could also throw on a sneaker and chunky gold earrings and be good to go. Added bonus- it can also be used as a coverup if you go to visit any of the nearby beaches! 
We have pieces for everyone in store! My engagement was truly one to remember and I couldn’t have felt more confident in my Stile fits!!