From the best Stile investment pieces to upcoming major trends, we're deep in conversation at Stile about what new-season items to shop for summer. To get a closer look at the best summer shopping and learn which trends will be most impactful, I curated a list of 6 must-have fashion pieces you need in your wardrobe after hours of research. These are the ones that Stile has bought into, meaning we have confidence they are about to hit the fashion scene in a major way in the coming months.

R A F F I A  R E A D Y

Raffia is back like never before. The natural is nothing new but still in. Now available in fun prints and colors. 

A  B A R E  M I D R I F F  M O M E N T

Bare midriff will be even barer this season, as the rise of pants is getting lower and tops are getting shorter. Low-rise denim is a big summer trend, so we will see more skin. This is very much a Y2K trend extension from the late '90s and '00s.

U P D A T E D  D E N I M

We continued to see the rise of denim across runways, and there is no surprise that designers have tailored the trend for the summer. From the cool details on denim, cropped button down shirts, to denim corsets. Denim is now a wardrobe staple for the season.

E U R O P E A N  S T A T E M E N T S

For this trend we are talking about everything from eyelets, to linen and open knit layers. Keep it neutral and a mix n match all summer long.

C A R G O  I S  C A L L I N G

I've always loved anything cargo as there are so many ways you can interpret it: on shorts, pants, and rompers, to name a few. These silhouettes are usually relaxed and loose-fitting, which is something people look for in the hot summer months. 

A L L  S H E E R  E V E R Y T H I N G

Although you can certainly choose to bare it all under a thin layer of mesh or organza, the summer 2023 runways proved that see-through materials can also be modest. Layer transparent pieces with opaque (but not heavy) ones to give any outfit an elegant look.
 With so many opportunities to get dressed—vacations, weddings, you name it—knowing the summer 2023 fashion trends is essential. Of course, your personal style still reigns supreme, but if you’ve been dreaming of a newer, fresher wardrobe, now’s the perfect time to give it a go.