Welcome to the BRIDAL era of your eras tour where everything is about you and finding the perfect white ensemble is of the utmost importance!! The excitement never ends with engagement parties, dress shopping, bridal showers, bachelorettes, dress rehearsals and more!! As a fellow 2024 bride, I am going to be taking you through the pieces I would wear for all the bridal events. 

E N G A G E M E N T  P A R T Y

First up, celebrating your big day with an engagement party!! I would keep this one a little more simple and let your shiny, new ring be the statement. I would wear something that is still comfortable and cute such as the collared pleated mini dress or the denim shift dress. I tried this one on and absolutely love the fit. These pieces are cute and fun but still give you a more simple and relaxed look, as you’ll want to spend your day comfortably working the room and talking to all your friends and family.

D R E S S  S H O P P I N G

This is such a special day and, again, you do not want the outfit to overshadow the big day. You’ll be searching through many dresses and trying a lot on so you want something comfortable! I chose to wear a pair of white denim and a cute white blouse! Simple, elegant and comfortable. I would wear any of our white style denim. My favorites are the Just Black Denim high rise wide leg denim. I would then pair it with our new ruffle detail embroidered tank - so cute!!

B R I D A L  S H O W E R

Now it is time to get into the most fun events. This day is truly all about you!! Who doesn't love that? Since you will be the center of attention you want to make sure your outfit doesn’t disappoint! We can help with that. My favorite piece in store right now for a bridal shower is a tie between the exaggerated bow one shoulder mini dress and the bow detail square neck mini dress. I will never turn down a bow moment and these both do not disappoint. Just add your favorite gorgeous earrings and a “Mrs” clutch and you’re good to go.

B A C H E L O R E T T E  P A R T Y

Whether you are ready to hit the beach, the streets, or the pool we have the pieces for you!! I am going for a more laid back and relaxing vibe for my bachelorette so I am going to be wearing our cream gauze sundress. This one is perfect as a cover up or worn with sandals and a cute bag for brunch! I will also be packing one of our amazing flowy white maxi skirts - easy to dress up or down. If you will be on the beach at a resort, our fringe detail crochet maxi dress would be perfect to take you from day to night! If you’re hitting the streets of Nashville, you will want to make sure you pack a white bodysuit with our beaded mini skort and some cowboy boots. So fun for the city!! Lastly, you can’t forget to pack a comfy set - perfect to wear on the plane no matter where you are traveling.

R E H E A R S A L  D I N N E R

The final event, your rehearsal dinner! This is the last hoorah before the big day. The nerves are kicking in but the outfits are still looking good. I would opt for something classic and something close to your personal style. My favorite pieces in store for the rehearsal dinner would be either the corset detail eyelet mini dress or the amazing vest and trouser combo we have in store. Throw on some gorgeous shoes and you are ready to (practice) your walk down the aisle.
Can’t wait to see all our Stile babes rocking their pieces for their Bridal Era. Do not forget to tag us @stile_perlei !!