WARNING: If your weakness is Target and you are trying to cut back impulse purchases - exit from this blog post and start reading a different one.

We all know the joke - you can’t go into Target and only leave with what you came for … Recently I went to Target for toilet paper, and left with much, much, more (whoops!)

To prevent falling victim to the Target trap, I suggest placing an online order and utilizing curbside pickup. If you don’t get out of the car there is no opportunity for temptation. I made the mistake by starting my trip at the Starbucks conveniently located inside Target and mosied around the store until my coffee was gone. BIG, BIG mistake! (You will notice from this haul very few aisles were skipped) Let’s get into the haul:

Metal Taper Holder ($3)

Every great trip to Target starts in the $1 section.  The first addition to my cart was these adorable gold candlestick holders. At $3 each, I had to buy four! These look and feel expensive and will take the table scape of your next dinner party up a notch without breaking the bank! 
Currently not on Target's site, but too good to exclude from this post!

Project 62 Float Frame ($12) 

I have to say the home section at Target gives some of the high end brands a run for their money. These frames look and feel so expensive and would make a stunning gallery wall for black and white photos in your home. Minimal & chic!
Float Frame

Threshold Glass Vases ($5 - $10) 

I love to make flower arrangements for events and was recently inspired by a citrus arrangement on Pinterest. Click here for a tutorial! These vases make the perfect centerpieces for your next event. Mix & match the heights/sizes for the perfect tablescape. At $5-$10 each, let your guests take the arrangement home!
Threshold Glass Vase

Woven Boucle Square Throw Pillow with Exposed Zipper ($20) 

Finding the right pillows for your home is HARD (& expensive!). You want them to match your decor without blending in too much or too little. When I found these pillows for $20 each (yes, only $20!) I was so happy. They compliment my throw blanket perfectly and the exposed zipper details make them look so expensive. I do not love the pillow inserts at Target, but they can be easily upgraded. Available in multiple colors! 
Woven Boucle Square Pillow

Oversized Woven Cotton Slubby Striped Lumbar Throw Pillow ($25)

Okay - I got a bit carried away in the pillow department … This one ended up being a return. Nothing wrong with it - I loved the organic linen look, but it just was not the right fit when I brought it home. Reminder: just because it wasn’t expensive does not mean you should always keep it! 
Slubby Striped Throw Pillow

Universal Threads Persephone Sneakers ($42.99) 

I am not one for designer dupes - but the colors in these sneakers (& the price!) were just too good to pass on. I can not believe these were only $42… They are memory foam and SO comfortable.  
Persephone Sneakers

A New Day Danica Platform Loafers ($32.99)

I was hesitant to hop on the platform trend thinking I was too late to spend $100+, but when I found this pair for $32 I was SOLD. I love the contrast between the white of the loafers and the brown of the sole. These look SO expensive - I originally thought the price was a mistake.
Danica Platform Loafers

Basil Rhinestone Mule Heels ($39.99) 

If you can’t tell by now, I spent too much time in the shoe department… I could not leave without these mules. I am getting married in June and am thinking about changing into these for our after party. Calling all 2023 brides - run, don’t walk to Target! 
Basil Rhinestone Mule Heels

Method Aluminum Gel Hand Soap in Vetiver & Amber ($6.99) 

If you love Le Labo Santal 33, this soap by Method is for you! It smells just like the famous scent (without the famous price tag)! Also available in a refill bottle (with 3x the amount!) for $7.49 if you’d like to add it to your own soap dispenser. I can’t believe I’m sharing this with you… it is one of my best kept secrets!  
Method Hand Soap

Athena Club Razor ($9.99)

I was not in the market for a new razor but the packaging of this product sold me. I am happy to share that this is the BEST razor I have ever used. Reasonably priced and comes with two replacement blades. Available in 5 different colors - it was hard to choose!  
Athena Club Razor

Up & Up Exfoliating Cotton Ovals ($3.89) 

This year I ditched the makeup wipes and made the switch to micellar water. I have been using standard cotton ovals, but decided to upgrade to the exfoliating version. 10/10 would recommend - they make my face feel SO clean.  
Exfoliating Cotton Rounds

Hero Cosmetics Mighty Patch Chin ($17.99) 

Why am I just now realizing I paid $17.99 for this product… Read the prices! Don’t just add to cart! This was an absolute impulse buy. I love the acne spot dots by Peach Slices and thought this product would save time by covering a larger surface. I’ve tried them twice now, and am not obsessed with this product. It leaves your chin looking wrinkly and does not fight acne like the peach slices brand. Save your $ and leave this one on the shelf. 
Mighty Patch Chin

Shout Advanced Gel Brush ($3.69) 

When I saw this product, I was so happy I could have screamed. This gel is UNMATCHED and was discontinued for the past two years. Candice and I were obsessed - it gets out the hardest stains and works better than any other product I’ve tried on the market. Did I buy all of them in fear they would disappear again? Yes, yes I did.  
Shout Gel

A New Day Floppy Straw Boater Hat ($20) 

Boaters hats are in this spring! I have a hard time finding hats that look great on my head, which may mean this one might not work for most people. It is definitely $20 quality, but gives me the trendy look I was hoping for! 
Floppy Boater

Down Brim Straw Floppy Hat ($20) 

If you can’t tell, when I find something good I don’t always know where to stop. This is the perfect hat for reading on the beach or by the pool. At $20, it might not last me the whole season, but might as well give it a try! 
Down Brim Hat

Let’s just say - I have never paid so much money for a pack of toilet paper! Target I love you, but I need to stay away for a while… 

XOXO, Alleigh