Vision Boards have become an integral part of my life over the last 10 years.  They have become a manifestation tool that has helped me achieve my goals and build my ideal life.  Visualization, the law of attraction and positive mindset have been my focus over the years and I credit all I have to these practices.   I have not achieved everything on my vision board but I do believe that I am constantly working to improve myself and the universe is working to bring it all to me at the right time. I am not an expert in any of this, I just am sharing from my own experience. My hope is that you find one take away from this that helps you transform an area of your life that you have been hoping to improve.  My dream is for everyone to design the life of their dreams and know that anything is possible. 
-Candice Caprice


  • A board that displays images that represent your dreams and ambitions.
  • Helps you regularly see and visualize your “ideal future” so that your subconscious mind sees this “desired future” as your new reality.
  • Believing you already have achieved the goals and desires on your board helps the universe bring them to you.


(Ask yourself what you really want!)

  • Be 100% clear on what you want.  The law of attraction can not work if you do not know what you really want.
  • Take out a plain piece of paper and write out everything that comes to mind when you think of your ideal life.
  • Don’t restrict yourself. Be selfish, it's your dream.  It's not your job to figure out how you will achieve it.  The universe will come up with the solution.
  • Come up with key areas in your life and put all your desires under the different areas. EX: Health/Wellness, Family, Career, Relationships, Home/Design, Money/Wealth
  • Think about creating 2 vision boards- Business and Personal (Follow the same process for both vision boards). I always have a section of career on my personal board as well then use my business one to go deeper into specific areas.
  • Optional- 5 years ago I started writing out I will statements under all the different categories I have. I create statements as if they already exist.  I put this in the center of my board and have the pictures and quotes around it.  I read them out loud often.  I feel this has really helped focus and achieve these goals faster.


  • Find a spot in your home (and at work) where you can put your vision board so you can view it daily.  It is important that you see if often (especially when you are just starting out in this process)
  • Cork board, good colored printer, matching pins, scissors


  • Create a board on pinterest to save pictures for your vision board.  You can create one board for all pictures or create separate boards for each area of your vision board. This is good so that throughout the year you can constantly add pictures that inspire you.
  • Choose pictures that trigger strong emotions.
  • Choose quotes and affirmations to layer on your board.
  • I save lots of pictures and then go back and edit the ones I want when printing. Do not think about what you are choosing too much. Go with your gut and save things that inspire you or give you good feelings. You will edit them down once you have a good selection.


  • Print out all the pictures that inspire you. Try to print them in different sizes so they can be layered on top of each other slightly.
  • Print out quotes and affirmations that speak to you.
  • Use the same pins so that it looks cohesive.
  • Vision board should be focused- not a hodgepodge.

“It’s a good idea to avoid creating a cluttered or chaotic board.  You don’t want to attract chaos into your life”- Jack Canfield


  • Make sure where you place your vision board you can see it daily.  It is important to look at it often and believe that you have these things and feel grateful for them as if they are already in your life.  
  • It takes time and practice to shift your mindset. At first you may feel silly but I challenge you to keep doing it.  Practice makes perfect.
  • Take a picture of your board and save it so that you can go back over the years and see how you have evolved.
  • A vision board is a work in progress.  It is ok to add to it and tweak as you create new desires and goals.
  • Creating a vision board does not mean that everything on it will happen immediately.  It is creating a visual so that it puts you in the mindset to focus on making choices and decisions to get you where you want to be while being grateful for what you currently have. Doing this in conjunction with the universe is what brings everything together.