My everyday purse is always filled with my essentials and my beach bag is no different. I asked the Stile team what their beach bag ‘must haves’ are and the products they chose did not disappoint. I’ll be making sure to add some of their ‘must haves’ into mine for the summer.



Candice, Owner


  1. Supergoop Spray Sunscreen - This lightweight, refreshing SPF mist is literally the easiest way to wear sunscreen
  2. Large Lack of Color hat - High quality hat to keep the sun out of my face
  3. Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself by Joe Dispenza - a great book that I am currently reading


Alleigh, Director of Stores & Buyer


  1. Supergoop Unseen Sunscreen- Amazing for sensitive skin. Plus it’s lightweight and scentless.
  2. UE Wonderboom- It isn’t a perfect beach day without music! This speaker holds a long battery and is waterproof!
  3. Cup Holder Spike- Don’t knock it till you try it. It’s a game changer on the beach keeping your cocktails sand and salt water free.


Reannion, Creative Director


  1. Anine Bing Beach Bag- Everyone needs a good beach bag to put their beach essentials in.
  2. Sunday Riley Face Sunscreen- My go-to face sunscreen. It is super lightweight, doesn't leave my skin oily & has great skin benefits. 
  3. Prada Sunglasses- A great pair of sunglasses for additional protection is a must.  


Selly, Director of Operations


  1. Turkish Towels- They’re pretty, take up no space, and sand never sticks to them. 
  2. Spike Ball- Keeps children entertained and you can play for a good workout!
  3. Neon Bathing Suit- Easy for your friends/family to find you.


Kelly, Glen Mills Store Manager


      1.Tula Sunscreen- Gives you a glowy complexion with no irritation.

  1. Brumate Koozie- Perfect for keeping drinks cold on those hot summer days.
  2. Sand Cloud Beach Towel- Great investment for the summer months for beach days.


Cassidy, Glen Mills Store Assistant Manager


  1. Wet Brush- The best brush to fix your hair after going in the ocean or a windy day on the beach. 
  2. Bali Body Tanning Oil- The watermelon scent is the best. It makes you get great color, but make sure to use sunscreen too!
  3. Free People Straw Hat- Helps to protect your face from sun damage & helps you cool off.


Tori, Suburban Square Store Manager


  1. Chloe Perfume- Everyone loves a good travel size perfume to spray throughout the day.
  2. Honest Sunscreen by Jessica Alba- Not only a need for the beach, but everyday use too.
  3. Yeti Water Bottle- Staying hydrated on the beach is a must and no one wants to drink warm water.


Isa, Suburban Square Assistant Manager


  1. Hawaiian Tropic Tanning Oil- Tanner the better!
  2. Dock and Bay Towel- Quick dry and sand free? Name something better.
  3. A Flicker in the Dark- The beach is the perfect time to start any book you’ve been wanting to read.


Allison, Media Store Manager


  1. Fun Summer Novel- Usually from Reese’s book club!
  2. SunBum Hair Lightener- An easy way to lighten up those natural blondes without the hair appointment.
  3. Summer Friday Lip Butter Balm- No explanation needed.


Maddie, Media Store Manager


  1. Ipad To Read- The best way to read. If you finish one book quicker than you thought, it's easy to start another in minutes.
  2. Claw Clip- Easy way to throw hair back at the beach or a makeshift comb when getting out of the water.
  3. Tula Sunscreen- Keeps the face glowy and protected.


Bia, Newtown Square Store Manager 


  1. Supergoop Sunscreen- The best sunscreen for a glowy, no makeup look while still protecting your skin.
  2. Kid Things- Always have lots of snacks, beach toys, and baby powder to remove sand from hands and feet. #momhack
  3. Behind Closed Doors- The most underrated time is when children take naps on the beach and you get some time to enjoy yourself and any book you want to read.


Tara, Newtown Square Assistant Manager


  1. Twizzlers- The best snack on the beach.
  2. Yeti Water Bottle- Hot girl summer starts with drinking water all day.
  3. Trader Joe’s Facial Sunscreen- Affordable and has 40 SPF.


I love how it's time again to take out your beach bags and put in all of these ‘must haves’. I am ready for the warm weather to stay and ready for those beach days!