As we enter into the new year, us at Stile have been busy working on all the exciting things we have planned for 2023! Personally, I love setting intentions and manifestations every new year. It is a great way to kickstart your goals and enter a new year with a new mindset. Here are some of things us Stile girls are manifesting this year:



First and foremost, I am manifesting good health, physically and mentally in 2023! I hope to grow more physically strong and also prioritize my mental health. Second, I am manifesting success and wealth in my career! I can’t wait for another fantastic year working at Stile and I hope to practice creativity and determination in my career. Lastly, I am manifesting happiness and love. I can’t wait to travel more in 2023, be present in the moment and truly appreciate every moment of 2023!


My fellow Media manager, Maddie is manifesting a stronger mind and body, embracing the small victories, and also bring more intentional with her decisions and spending habits. 


Our Glen Mills manager Kelly is manifesting more freedom financially, becoming 100% independent and investing more of her time into giving back.


Cassidy from Glen Mills wants to drink more water, look for the good in every day and be open to change.


Tori from Suburban Square is prioritizing health, wealth and happiness this year!


Bia from Newtown Square wants to be more intentional about how she spends her time so that she is surrounded by moments of positivity and joy. She also wants to be more present in the moment and focus on the here and now. Lastly, she wants to focus on career progression and being more vocal about her expertise and skill set in an effort to be more impactful in her current role at Stile!


Our CEO and Owner, Candice wants to focus on simplifying her life by creating more efficient habits that allow her to have more time. She also wants to enjoy the process instead of focusing on the result. Lastly, she wants to embrace her health and wellness journey as something she’s lucky enough to get to do instead of something she has to do.


In 2023, our Director of Stores & Buyer, Alleigh would like to build a consistent weekly schedule, read 30 books and have a camera roll full of friends, life and travel. She says she always thinks of captions but never remembers to take the pictures!


Our Creative Director, Reannoin would like to put more thought into her daily style, especially her accessories. She also would like to delegate her work so she can focus on the bigger picture. And lastly, she would love to take courses and classes to learn new skills and strengthen her knowledge.


Our Operations Manager, Selly is happy with all of her manifestations and goals from 2022 and wants to keep the exact same energy heading into 2023!

What are you manifesting for 2023?