With all of the new health and beauty trends out there it is hard to figure out what actually works best for you! There are so many health trends out there that it is hard to know what works best for your skin and immunity. If you're like me and your skincare routine has gone from a simple three steps to ten, I am here to help you. One thing you can always rely on is fruits and vegetables! Working in produce in the past, I got to learn about the best fruits and vegetables to eat for energy, skincare, and flu season. I am happy that I can now share them with you! I bet some will surprise you like they did me!


As soon as the cold weather rolls around I immediately start popping my vitamin C gummies and stocking up on citrus. But did you know a red bell pepper actually contains almost three times the amount of vitamin C than an orange? I was shocked! Ever since I learned that I try to eat one every single day! It is the easiest way to get more than enough of my daily intake needed. That much vitamin C will give my immune system the boost it needs as well as prepare me for the upcoming flu season.


If I do start feeling under the weather I immediately mix hot water, ginger, lemon, turmeric and a dash of black pepper. The lemon aids the ginger and the black pepper activates the turmeric. All of these roots are amazing in relieving build up and sore throats. They all help boost your immune system and turmeric specifically has compounds that will fight any unwanted viruses or bacteria. 


Berries are at the top of my list as my favorite fruits. They are rich in antioxidants and have some amazing health benefits. Blueberries and strawberries specifically are amazing for glowing skin! Strawberries are rich in vitamin C and contain anti-inflammatory properties that can soothe and calm your breakouts. I know we all cut off the tops of strawberries to remove their leaves, but for an added health bonus I eat the whole strawberry. I know it is strange but you can actually eat the leaves as they are so good for your immune system. Blueberries are the highest berry in antioxidants and can help protect your skin against damage and promote skin healing. They have properties that help prevent the destruction of collagen which is the major cause of wrinkle formation. In general, eating strawberries and blueberries will increase your antioxidant intake to reduce premature aging!


My next favorite fruit for my skin are cucumbers! I could go on and on about the wonders cucumbers do for your skin. They contain a high water content which will keep your face naturally hydrated. They also contain an enzyme that tightens your skin and promotes cell renewal, once again fighting off those wrinkles. The vitamins, minerals and amino acids in this fruit can reduce pore size, remove toxins and oil from your face, and protect against radicals that try to damage your skin! So the next time you do a face mask, don’t just put some slices over your eyes, eat some too!


Every morning, I wake up and pour myself a cup of coffee (or three). It is my go to for waking up but by the afternoon I am crashing! Working in produce I learned that eating an apple in the morning works just as well as my coffee. Although it does not contain caffeine it has a higher content of natural sugar which will give you that same morning buzz without that afternoon crash. The sugars release as the fruit digests giving you a longer lasting energy throughout the day. 
When I have time to make a nice big breakfast I always include sweet potatoes and spinach! Sweet potatoes are a great starchy vegetable to give my body long lasting energy, keeps me full between meals and fights off fatigue. Spinach is an amazing dark leafy green that is rich in iron and can increase your energy levels. I saute it with some eggs and squeeze a little lemon juice on top as it helps my body to absorb the iron!
Whether you implement all of these or just a few into your lifestyle, I hope this expands your grocery list instead of your amazon wishlist! Remember with anything, consistency is key and some of these benefits may take up to six months to see a difference; always consult your doctor if you're having more serious health or skin concerns.