For me, Halloween is not just a holiday, but a feeling. It evokes the magic of childhood and allows you to go back in time to revisit those memories. There are many different takes on Halloween. Some are morbid and shocking, while others are more playful and fun. I prefer a subtle nod toward witchcraft and sorcery for this spooky feeling is wherein the enchantment of the holiday lies. Whether you want Halloween to take over or you just want to add a small touch, here are some simple ideas of how to bring that magic into your home. 

F L O A T I N G  C A N D L E S

Use clear fishing wire to tie around the flame of a remote controlled flame less taper candle. Attach to the ceiling at varying lengths with small clear command hooks. Hang these from your desired location in the home for spooky sight. Your porch, entry hall, stairway or fireplace are all great places.

P H O T O  S W A P

Take any framed photos or artwork around the house and swap them out with a creepy old portrait or lenticular image that changes depending on your positioning. If you want to add that extra touch, you can cut holes in the eyes and illuminate them with red lights adhered from behind.

B A R  C A R T  U P G R A D E

Replace your standard bar assortment with potions and elixirs. Fill glass bottles of various shapes and sizes with colored liquid and label their mysterious contents. If hosting a Halloween party, this is a fun way to get your guests in the Halloween spirit.

D A R K  F L O R A L  A R R A N G E M E N T

Add plastic spiders and snakes to your floral arrangement or instead of your regular vase, place your flowers in a skull  instead.

C R E E P Y  C O B W E B S

Add cobwebs  to just about anything to instantly make a space feel like it has history. Make sure to stretch it thin to give that realistic look. Try this out on your bookshelves for that vintage Halloween feel.


Lastly, nothing adds ambiance to a space more than music. Ask Alexa to set the mood with some classical orchestral pieces. The soothing music mixed with bursts of sound leave you feeling slightly uneasy and waiting for the unexpected.
I hope you were able to find some tips to bring the magic and nostalgia of Halloween alive for you!