There are two schools of thought when it comes to celebrating Halloween as an adult. One, you could turn your porch light off, get into some comfy clothes, grab the candy because, well let's face it, it's Halloween after all and someone has to indulge if you aren't going to put any out....okay you were kind and put out the bowl that politely said 'Take one'....Sit back and binge some quality horror on Netflix or Hulu and call it a night OR do one of these awesome Halloween themed activities. From Chadds Ford to Philadelphia we have you covered on some serious adult Halloween fun!
I'll start with the more tame outings and work our way up to full blown scary spooky skeleton. I'll add our spook-o-meter for good measure.

L O N G W O O D  G A R D E N S 

First up we have Longwood Gardens located in Chadds Ford, PA. If you haven't been, it's a must-see in any season, but if you like some adventure after dark, Light: Installations by Bruce Munro will sure get you in the spirit! This light show experience runs Thursday-Sunday evenings through October 30th, 2022. Purchase tickets in advance and watch the night transform around you with this artisan crafted light show. Spectacular viewing for any light Halloween lover. 1 on the spook-o-meter. 

E D G A R  A L L E N  P O E  N A T I O N A L  H I S T O R I C  S I T E

Next, we have the Edgar Allen Poe National Historic Site located in Philadelphia. When reading this you may even say, I had no idea EAP (Edgar Allen Poe) lived in Philadelphia, ah you would be wrong. He did indeed live and breathe some of his most brilliant works while living in Philadelphia. He conceptualized the poem 'The Raven' while in the very house you get to explore! This guided tour will enchant you with tales from years past and maybe send a shiver or two down your spine..after all..this is the house Edgar Allen Poe lived in. 3 on the spook-o-meter. 

B A T E S  M O T E L

For our next outing, we venture to Delaware County and spend the evening at Bates Motel. If you are from this area and love Halloween, this is as much of a classic Halloween experience as the movie Hocus Pocus. You have the Hayride to start, always start with the hayride. It's the most tame out of all three thrills on the property. It's also a hayride! I mean, doesn't get much better than a tractor pulling you behind while creepy music plays from the speakers with a chill in the air bundled up in your favorite fall coat. Bliss. 5 on the spook-o-meter. 
Next you'll go to the corn maze, why you might ask?'s corn. A big lump with knobs, it has the juice! Okay, okay. I had to! That's enough internet for me. Next you will do the corn maze. Be ready. You and a group, sometimes strangers that become friends, go through an actual corn maze on foot where you get to encounter some pretty scary and quite frankly terrifying encounters. I can't give too much away...but if you don't like clowns or can stomach the movie IT, this won't be for you. 8 on the spook-o-meter. Finally after running out of the maze, (Trust me on the running at the end) you will get in line for the last and certainly not least, Bates Motel. This final attraction, once again, groups you in with friends (hopefully no foes) and sends you into what can only be described as Norman's paradise. He would have loved this. The sheer terror that ensues with screams echoing through the walls is Halloween magic. Weave your way through the motel and try to make it out alive...okay, you do make it out alive, this is a blog after all and I am here to tell the tales. Once you make it through the excursions, stop at the concession stand. Grab yourself a caramel apple and/or hot chocolate and decompress. You did it. 8.5 on the spook-o-meter. 

P E N N H U R S T  A S Y L U M

Lastly, for your Halloween delight, I will send you on your scariest journey. Pennhurst Asylum - Located in Spring City in Chester County. Let me start by saying, this is spooky scary skeletons level.. Stop reading here if this isn't for you. Scroll back up to the top for the lesser scaries of these activities! The asylum is on a campus, four attractions in total. If you can stomach all of them. One of the buildings doesn't have get transported back in time with a guided tour..out of respect for those that were in that ward. This is more educational and thought provoking than anything. Lesser of the evils that happened on those grounds. The other three attractions..hold tight. They are 10 on the spook-o-meter. You go through a hospital and a mortuary. I said stop reading if it's too scary. Scroll back up to the top for the level 1 and 3 spook-o-meters! Okay, where was I, ah yes Spring City, Chester County. Pennhurst Asylum. A must-attend for any Halloween lover that dares to be scared. 10 on the spook-o-meter. 

I hope you enjoyed this list of Halloween musts as much as I did writing it. Halloween is my favorite holiday..I think I love it more than my birthday. I know I am not the only one with a love for spooky season!