There is no better way to give thanks for your besties than by throwing an unforgettable friendsgiving! It’s the best time of the year to wind down, give thanks, and make more memories with your closest friends! Hosting a dinner party may seem like a lot of work but it doesn't have to be! It’s all about delegating your checklist with your friend group, that way everyone has a small part in the planning.


Tell Your Friends

Give them notice in advance. Calendars fill up quickly this time of the year. If a weekend date doesn’t work, be open to break up your work week with something fun to look forward to. A few ways you can send an invite is by making a Facebook event or creating a Paperless Post or Evite invitation. 


Do it potluck style! Make a list of items you would want at the dinner table. Distribute it to your friends and let them do the cooking! This is a great way for everyone to bring their favorite dish, have a lot of food and become a part of the tradition.


Have each friend make a seasonal cocktail / mocktail! Share a Pinterest board of recipes that you pinned and let your besties pick a drink that stands out to them! This is a great way for everyone to try something new that they might not have on their own.


If you and your friends like to dress-up or get creative, you may want to consider having a theme for your Friendsgiving. Whether it’s a party where everyone has to wear a certain color palette, dress to impress or pajamas are required, make sure it reflects the vibe of your own friend group!

The Right Playlist

The ultimate playlist can set the mood and make or break your party! A great way to please everyone is to create a Spotify playlist and make it "collaborative". Have your friends follow the list, and then they can add in their requests. That way, you’ll please everyone’s musical tastes while making your job easier.