Reality TV, my guiltiest pleasure. There is nothing like coming home from a long day at work, pouring a glass of wine and turning on some reality TV. Something about watching 20 girls vying for the same guy, or wealthy housewives in a cat fight just makes you feel better about your life. If you’re looking for some binge worthy reality TV series to watch this summer, here are my faves!

V A N D E R P U M P  R U L E S

Earlier this summer, I found myself immersed in the drama of #scandoval and I just couldn’t get enough of it. If you haven’t seen the show, it is about a group of friends living in LA, working together at Lisa Vanderpump’s famous restaurants while also pursuing their own acting careers. There was a HUGE scandal that happened in this last season that rocked the reality tv world. If you have the time, I definitely recommend starting it from season 1 before jumping right into season 10.
Where to watch: BRAVO, Hulu, Peacock

L O V E  I S L A N D

If you have a lot of time on your hands and want some mindless entertainment, love island is for you. A group of singles live in this luxury villa in hopes of finding love and money. This summer, Love Island UK and USA are airing at the same time. 5 nights a week, a ton of drama and attractive couples. This show can be hit or miss as some seasons are amazing and some are just ok. My favorite season is Love Island UK season 5 with Molly Mae and Tommy Fury. They have a baby now and just recently got engaged!! Cutest couple to come from the show.
Where to watch: Peacock, Netflix, Hulu

T H E  B A C H E L O R E T T E

Who doesn’t love seeing 25 guys fighting for the attention of the bachelorette? Honestly, ever since Chris Harrison left the franchise, this show has gone downhill but it’s like the trainwreck I can’t look away from. It can be corny at times but definitely a good show to binge with some friends. My favorite is its spin off, Bachelor in Paradise which airs later this summer.
Where to watch: ABC, Hulu

S U M M E R  H O U S E

Summer house on Bravo is one of my favorite reality tv shows (not only because I met Carl at a loverboy event and he was the nicest human ever!). A group of NYC friends rent a summer house in the Hamptons all summer. It is very entertaining and this is one that you don’t have to start from season 1. The characters are all super relatable too - working full time jobs in NYC and then heading to the beach to party with friends. I also love seeing all the fashion on this show - Paige Desorbo never disappoints with her looks.
Where to watch: Bravo, Peacock, Hulu, Youtube TV

T H E  H I L L S

Netflix just added this to their streaming service – The hero we didn’t know we needed. I just recently binged the Hills and Laguna beach and it brought me ALL the nostalgia. The denim skirts, big headbands and side bangs. Heidi and Spencer. Audrina and Justin - “truth and time tells all.” It is just 10/10 and SUCH a good summer show.
Where to watch: Netflix

T H E  K A R D A S H I A N S

The Kardashians have been on since 2007 and it’s hard to imagine life any other way. We all love to hate the Kardashians but I always get sucked back into watching. You can always count on them to bring some juicy drama and entertainment to our screens. The devil works hard but Kris Jenner works harder.
Where to watch: Peacock


I am a big real housewives fan and New York is one of my favorite franchises. Something that caused a recent stir was that they fired all the OG RHONY housewives and started this season with an entirely new cast. I will miss Ramona and the OG girls but I’m eager to watch this new season with a new cast. I also just recently listened to Betheny Frankel’s podcast where she reunites with Jill Zarin and it brought all the nostalgia for the early RHONY days!!
Where to watch: Bravo, Peacock, Hulu, Youtube TV

L O V E  I S  B L I N D

Love is blind came to Netflix in 2020 during COVID lockdown and quickly became a fan favorite. Men and women date in pods and get engaged without ever seeing each other. After seeing each other and spending a short period where they live together, they must decide whether or not they still want to go through with the marriage. So much drama along the way.
Where to watch: Netflix
Most of these are available on any streaming platform! For my non-reality tv fans, check out The Bear, White Lotus, Succession and Daisy Jones & the Six! They were my favorite this year!!