While summer may be nearing its end, there is no shortage of exciting trends coming our way for fall. After keeping up with the excitement of runway shows this summer and sifting through every fashion magazine possible so you don’t have to, I am here to give you the ultimate trend report for this upcoming season. Our buyers just got back from MAGIC in Las Vegas and the product they picked is just SO good. I’ll be highlighting the top trends that you’ll be seeing for fall AND new inventory coming to Stile! When most people think of fall, they think of neutral colors, cozy sweaters, and every shade of brown imaginable. The fall of 2022 is looking a bit different, with statement-making colors, bold prints, and fun fabrics. We’re in for a wild ride this fall and we can’t wait!!

E V E R Y T H I N G  G R E E N

— G O  B I R D S —

Green has been one of our most sought after colors in store this year…and it is arguably one of our favorites! While deep hues of greens have always been around during the fall season, this year we are seeing a different, really vibrant and refreshing green going into the fall. This color is so fresh and inspired that you are going to be wearing it every day. This season, you’ll be seeing everything in store from green puffer jackets to kelly green leather shorts, to sweaters and more. Just in time for Eagles football season! 


Blazers are no longer just for the workplace and we are seeing them in every setting this season. We’ve been seeing everything from slouchy, oversized fit blazers, to colorful blazers, to the classic tweed blazer. The blazer is now being worn in every single setting and it is a great piece to add into your everyday wardrobe, as it elevates any look instantaneously. This season, expect to see blazers in just about every color and style coming to Stile. Some of our favorites coming in include leather fabric, metallic, and hot pink. Slip them on over jeans and a graphic tee, or pair them with tapered pants and a blouse for the office. 

F A U X  L E A T H E R

Faux leather never seems to go out of style. And it's no different this fall. Nothing shows style and confidence than rocking a leather outfit. Whether it's a dress, black leather pants, or bodysuit, leather is such a classic staple that shows confidence and sophistication. This year's take on faux leather is something we haven't seen before and it goes beyond your typical leather jacket. We are now seeing faux leather combined with color, and more refined looking leather. This season expect to see some fun leather shorts, moto jackets, and more in store.  

P U F F E R  J A C K E T S

The season for jackets is upon us, and you’ll be seeing so many at Stile this upcoming fall. The one most trending this season will be the puffer jacket. We’re seeing puffer jackets in various colors and patterns, and we can’t wait to bundle up in them. The puffer jacket will even be making an appearance in a few vest options, so keep your eyes peeled! 

H O T  P I N K

It turns out Regina George was wrong - pink isn’t only for Wednesdays! While hot pink was big in the Spring and Summer, we are seeing it in an even bigger way for fall. Hot pink has been a focal point on the runways and at the buying shows this season. Hot pink puffer jackets, pink trouser pants, pink sweaters! While hot pink can be feminine and sultry, we're seeing an edgier, more powerful twist on the hot pink trend this season. And you can find us wearing pink every day of the week! 

W I D E  L E G  T R O U S E R S

The wide leg trousers are not going anywhere - and we are so here for it. We’ve seen them in every style from cargo pants and pleated pants, to button up-trousers. You’ll also be seeing more and more wide leg pants and wide leg denim, as well. We’re noticing that this seasons’ wide leg pants are taking on a more relaxed fit. You can wear them high waisted or low waisted. 


D R E S S I N G  U P  I N

— M E T A L I C S —

As people are out and about again now more than ever, we are seeing the resurgence of party-wear! Get ready to throw out those sweatpants and get dolled up as designers are embracing silk, metallic, bright colors, and sequins this season. This season we're seeing a new focus on evening and occasion wear, and you’ll be seeing gorgeous “Saturday night out” tops, sequined sets, and silky statement tops coming to Stile very shortly. 

We’ve seriously never had a year where we love the trends this much. Make some room in your closet because you are going to want everything coming in this fall. With inventory coming in multiple times every week, you’re not going to want to miss a single shipment! We’ll see you soon 🤍